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One of the hardest parts of being GFCF is trying to create “normal” food – the old favorites, the stuff your kids and spouse can’t live without.  Sure, you find new things, but there’s always something that just isn’t the same without wheat.  Chocolate chip cookies are my downfall, they aren’t quite as good GF.  So, I just don’t really make them very often now.  PB & choc chip, yes and since they can’t go to school…more for me.

However, then there are the foods that with just a little tweak, become GFCF and any other free you need to be.  Think about spaghetti – you can get corn, rice, quinoa and I’m sure other grain varieties of pasta.  Cooked in a separate pot, same sauce as the family and volia!  Gluten free.  Roast beef supper – change out the flour for cornstarch in your gravy, gluten free.

Or, in the case of dessert requested by Eric – Oreo pie…  We made a “regular” oreo crust plus a bowl of Kinninnick chocolate crumb crust for me.  And, no I don’t think that the cool whip we used is CF, but Nutra-Whip is. Right now, I’m “milk free” but not casein free.  It did turn out really well.  I should have used soy milk to test the pudding, but didn’t have enough so suffered a little tummy trouble for the milk in the pudding…but the point is, here’s a regular dessert that can be made compliant with only small changes.

Next time, I’m doing my own pudding pie and setting them out for a side-by-side taste test.  If there’s no difference, and there usually isn’t, we’ll be making GFCF pudding pie from now on…

And if you are wondering, here’s the “recipe”, courtesy of the Oreo crumbs box:

Oreo Pudding Pie

1.5 cups oreo crumbs (use Kinnikinnick chocolate crumbs for GF status!)
1/3 cup margarine

Melt margarine, add crumbs and stir.  Pat into a pie plate or springform pan.  *I would suggest greased pan as the little bugger stuck like crazy*

1 pkg (4 serving) chocolate pudding
1.5 cups milk
2 cups Cool Whip

Beat pudding and milk until thickened.  Fold in Cool Whip.  Spread on top of crust.  Chill for 30 min and serve.  Try not to lick out the bowl, you’ll end up with some of it on your nose.