I am now 21 days gluten free.  I feel like I should be saying that in a meeting or something.  My name is Michelle and I am 21 days GF….  My face has improved, my hands are not read and bumpy anymore and I’m only 1/2 scratching my head, as opposed to constantly.  But, my fingers are still cracking a bit and I’ve got new rashes in places I didn’t have before.  So, this is a bit of a mixed bag, I’d say.  Fortunately, the cream from the doctor seems to relieve it.  Unfortunately, the cream is running out.  Of course, if I actually remembered to take my anti-histamine everyday I might be further ahead.

I did find a couple of coping strategies that are helping – crazy glue to close up the cracks on my fingers and being completely dry after bathing.  Sounds funny right?  My SIL mentioned she gets rashy under her rings if she doesn’t take the time to completely dry her hands.  And do you know, mine do the same thing.
Maybe that will be helpful to someone else, so I mention it here.

We’re off to the city today for a dentist appointment.  I’m off to Safeway for more Udi’s bread and Bulk Barn for more flour.  I’m out of rice flour, so no blends for me until I get that sorted out!  Which means no more cinnamon buns and I love those little babies.  I’m hoping to make it to Sobey’s too and check out their GF selection.  I love how the store has a dedicate (1/2) aisle for GF foods, even though you can find them mixed in too.  It just makes it so much more “normal”.

If I find anything cool, I’ll be sure to share!