Yum. Yum.  I remembered to bring my lunch to work today, except it is nothing EXCEPT sweet and sour slow cooker beef.  No rice, no potato, no starch, no vegetable.  I even wrote “S&S Steak” on the lid. I guess when I did up the container I meant to put in the rice….Sigh.

Since bread is too expensive to “waste” on lunch, especially when there are toasted tomato sandwiches at home, I’ve been exploring other lunch ideas.  Of course, I should be eating more salad, my pants are getting a little snug!  But a person can only eat so much bunny-food.  Some of my favorite combinations:

– Stir fried chicken with rice and vegetables, or for a fun change, with shrimp. OR, what the heck, have chicken and shrimp. VH sauces are GF, except for teriyaki, which I never liked anyhow.

– GF pasta with fresh tomato sauce (can you tell I’ve got a lot of tomatoes right now?)

– Homemade beef and chickpea soup – be sure to look for GF beef broth/boullion when you make soup

– Fruit salad with a side of yogurt – Soyjoy is a nice brand if you do soy yogurt

– GF lasanga (for those who can do dairy, I think soy cheese is awful) – I’m trying Houston enzymes with my dairy, I do miss it.

– Chickpeas (cold) mixed with ranch dressing.  Maybe I’ll try edamame beans too.

– Leftover pancakes with sandwich filling.  I love doing this – it makes a sandwich so much fun.  I find this works best with PB& J unless you cut the sugar to nil in your pancake recipe.  Sweet and salmon just don’t go together for me.

And, when in doubt, some Old Dutch potato chips…they are stamped Gluten Free right on the front of the bag so there’s no guessing required.


Hope that inspires some lunch ideas for you too.