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photoHello readers. It has been months since I last did any blogging. But, since this is my personal space for getting thoughts out, I’ve got a new “something” to share.

I’ve been recently diagnosed with a rare skin condition called “Dermatomyositis”. Don’t worry, it’s practically impossible to pronounce.  It looks like eczema, acts like rosacea and is incredibly frustrating!

It is an auto immune disorder that leaves me with an intensely red, itchy rash that I am taking boatloads of medication for. Not to mention the topical creams and lotions. None of which is curing the problem. Just providing some itch relief.

Thank God for Mary Kay makeup. Otherwise, I’d look like I had a permanent sunburn on my face. But I digress…

The point of this posting is to start a log of my trial of Coconut Oil. I am going to try it on my hands (the worst and most impossible to see results spot) first.

I put some on my hands today and think maybe I used too much, since they are still pretty greasy. And, we’re talking maybe a 1/4 tsp. However, I read that 1 TBSP will do the whole body, so there you are.

On an aside, I do love coconut oil for baking in place of other oils. It melts easily and doesn’t leave too much taste in most things. Be careful with really light flavoured stuff. It is awesome in banana bread. Yummmm.. Think maybe I should go make some.