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In my quest to solve my auto-immune disorder, I have spent the weekend reading and honestly, getting frustrated. There is so much conflicting information. Eat plants. Eat meat. Don’t eat Gluten. Don’t eat Dairy. Don’t eat meat – it causes cancer. Eat whole grains, they are essential for health….

I personally have sadly, reverted to the Standard American Diet (SAD), (and while yes, this IS a Canadian blog, I think SCD is already taken as an acronymn). The SAD in my case involves a decent amount of fresh food, meats, a slowly increasing amount of processed junk and plenty of coffee. I’d tell you I eat pretty healthfully, but I did have a Timmies plus 2 pop tarts on Friday, so who am I kidding. To be fair, I felt awful all weekend. Itchy, tired, sore. It is clearly time to take back some control.

0307359980My first book was Meals That Heal Inflammation by Julie Daniluk, RHN. I bought it at Chapters. You can too!  The premise of the book is that you spend 8 weeks on an elimination diet and then add back, one at a time, potential allergens.  GF/CF/SF/Corn free/Additive Free/Beef & Pork free among other things.  Full of interesting recipes, none of which I have tried.



My second book was “The Wahls Protocol” by Dr. Terry Wahls.  Dr. Wahls has Multiple Scelerosis (an auto-immune disease) and experimented on herself to find a way of reversing much of the debilitating effects of MS.  She advocates a Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free (because she is allergic to eggs, and the protocol is actually in clinical trials, it has to be exactly what she did) diet in step one. In step 2, she moves to a Paleo diet and in step three, what she calls a Paleo Plus diet.  (I’m still reading, so forgive the lack of detail)

The Wahls Protocol initial step is to clear out all the gluten and casein from your diet and incorporate 9 cups of vegetables and fruits into your diet daily. NINE CUPS.  People, that is a lot of rabbit food.  It needs to be 3 cups leafy greens, 3 cups brightly coloured, 3 cups sulpher rich.  GF/CF fare is ok in this step.  She even talks about the opioid and leaky gut syndrome.  Seems like all that “crazy stuff” I did with my son 5 years ago isn’t so crazy after all?

My third book (and documentary) was Forks Over Knives.  Interesting.  They advocate a plant based diet.  No meat.  No dairy.  No fish.  If it had a face or a mother, don’t eat it.  But, gluten is allowed.   The authors have good research that plant based diets prevent heart problems, diabetes and cancer.

So, what to do.  What to do?  I haven’t been this overwhelmed since I first started GFCF so long ago.

I needed a plan.  Could I go GF/CF again?  All the books are in agreement about casein.  It is apparently evil.  To be avoided.  To be banished from my kitchen.  (But oh how do I love thee mozzarella cheese)  Could I really eat NINE cups of vegetables and fruit a day?

Do I really want to ever feel as bad as I do now ever again?  Do I want to get worse?

The plan:  follow the 8 week elimination diet as advocated by Meals That Heal Inflammation, supported by the Wahls Protocol.  Meaning, avoid all the allergy suspect foods while still going GF/CF and eating the 9 !! cups of vegetables & fruits.

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast:  Cornstarch pancakes, 1 cup of cherries, mangos, strawberries and pineapple  (it was either corn or gluten, take your pick)

Lunch:  Carrot soup, salad with Kale, Cabbage, broccoli and other greens, plus some cranberries and a GF poppyseed dressing.

Supper: Apricot Chicken with rice and vegetables, more salad

Snack: fruit and organic strawberry tea


So far, at lunch, I feel satisfied.   I’m still concerned my nose is going to start twitching before the week is out…