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I have dived head first into the Wahls Protocol. I finished the audio book and am armed with all of Dr. Wahls enthusiasm and knowledge. I made extensive notes and will probably have to listen to it again, just to pick up even more of the hidden gems. I’ve been eating my 9 cups of vegetables and fruits for most of a full week now, gluten free and almost dairy free. (Turns out there is casein in my coffeemate, sigh)

Here are my initial impressions:
1. Watch the Tedx Talk you tube video here, even if you haven’t read the book. It’s 18 minutes and really fired me up to commit to the protocol.

2. It is a “Protocol” not a “Diet”. Remind yourself this at every opportunity. We cheat on diets. We follow medical protocols. This is as important as taking your medication.

3. Do NOT stop taking your medication. Oops, learned that one the hard way. In my defense, the drugs don’t seem to be “doing anything” so I quit taking the Plaquenil. Two days later, there is Dr. Wahls on my audiobook reminding us to continue all medication until your doctor says otherwise. Ask me how awful my skin was. How it burned and turned blotchy, red and hot. Yes, it was brutal. I am back on my drugs, it seems they actually ARE “doing something”.

4. Because it is a protocol, there is more to it than just food. Stress management is extremely important too. Detoxification is also vital.

Initial Results:
Spoiled probably, because I quit taking my medication. Having said that, I did go through a serious sugar craving day. I also had a “false start”. Meaning, I went GFCF during the week but went off the protocol for the weekend. I did not suffer too much from this and it was kind of a last au revoir to gluten and dairy. (So glad we did the Pizza Hut pizza, not going to lie, that is a weakness for me) The sugar day was after I finally gave up the gluten and dairy. I have not experienced serious cravings or die-off which I did expect but maybe it is because I am so committed that I can ignore them.

My skin is not better. My energy is not better. My mouth sores have completely cleared up. (Which was the last straw for me to finally give in to the protocol. I couldn’t brush my teeth with mint toothpaste) I am not sleeping better.

I have lost 3 pounds (!) and I have discovered that I love beets and asparagus. I am not so excited about blackberries, but they are ok.

This week:
Focus on following the 9 cups of vegetables and fruits. No tomatoes or nightshades. No peanuts or other nuts. (I have a pre-existing suspicion of intolerance to these) Increase water consumption to at least 6 cups per day. Meat, 4-6 oz daily. Personal massage with coconut oil daily, as described in the book. (It is so relaxing) Sleep at least 7 hours daily, more if possible.  I’m also taking detailed notes, which I won’t post, unless I start to see some patterns, positive or negative appear.

Upcoming steps:

Order Dulse flakes, more organic coconut oil, Avalon Organics shampoo (no sodium laurel sulfates) and Nordic Naturals Omega 3 from iherb.com.  I have a terribly itchy scalp and my pharmacist suggested an SLS free shampoo.  Why not try it?  The dulse flakes and omegas are suggested as part of the protocol.

(Just a little plug, if you’ve never ordered from iherb.com, use coupon code MEN348 for a small discount.  It is my go-to source for natural, organic and hard to find supplements, foods and personal care items. We live so far from Natural Health stores that it is a convenient, low cost way to access these items.  Orders under 4 pounds ship Canada Post (I’ve never yet paid customs/duties), for $4.00)