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Have to take it.  Think I hate it.

I’m not one to just start a medication because a doctor says I should, up until methotrexate.  I just blindly said “OK” when it was offered.  Honestly, nothing else was working, I was seeing a new doctor and it was “something else” to try.  Does it work?  Sort of.  I think the rash has improved a lot since starting it but reached a point where there was no further improvement.  So, we upped the dose.  Now I have to take it in 2 doses on Fridays which is a bit of a pain.  Two weeks ago I developed painful mouth sore.  They are finally healed up and I am hoping don’t return because that means I can no longer take methotrexate, at least at this dosage.  This is my 4th dose at 25 mg, so if there is no more improvement, I’m going to say it didn’t work.

Did you know methotrexate is a chemotherapy drug?  I didn’t.  Not for months.  This really bothers me and I do want to quit taking it.  But, I also can’t continue to suffer from the disease.  It does keep me from tearing my skin off, though I won’t kid you, I still itch.

So, I’m trying my best to follow the Wahls Protocol.  I am hopeful that combined with the medication, I will soon see improvements that eventually allow me to decrease and even eliminate the methotrexate.  It seems like an impossible goal but isn’t everything until you do it?