Besides good nutrition, another important aspect of the Wahls Protocol is managing stress levels.  I know that the more stress I feel, the worse my rash gets. Unfortunately, we are now in year 4 of extreme rain and flooding.  Year Four.  This, in an area that experienced extreme drought in the 1930s, 1980s and even mid-2000s.  My grandparents have never heard of “too much rain”. 

I’m married to a wonderful farmer and this is the 4th year we’ve struggled to put in a crop.  There are approximately 6-8 weeks in the spring available to seed the fields and we’ve done about 10-15% of our acres.  It’s pretty hard to earn a living on 10% and worse, the crops that are in are drowning in the field.  Yes, there is some insurance.  No, it isn’t enough to live on.  We farmers are a pretty independent lot and relying on insurance, even though we pay huge premiums, is not a satisfying way to feed the family.

So, the 21 inches of rain we’ve had since April 23 does not help me in my quest for stress relief.  However, knowing it is important to stay centered, I have developed a few coping techniques.

1.  Epsom salt baths – not only do they soothe my tender skin, the salt relieves tension.  Plus, it is alone time in the bathroom.  Mothers understand how precious this is.

2.  Personal massage – I learned about this from Dr. Wahls book.  I use coconut oil and start by rubbing oil into my feet and work my way up the body, arms, chest and back if hubby is around.  I also rub it in my scalp if it is especially itchy.  It takes 5-10 minutes and is incredibly calming.  Try it!

3.  Exercise – a walk, a bike ride, a run.  Anything that gets you out in nature and moving.  I love listening to audio books while I exercise, available free from the local library.

4.  Cooking – I admit it, I’m a closet chef. I love to cook. I love making soup and bread and complicated desserts.  If I don’t try to cook a month’s worth of meals in a day (which I do regularly), the act of chopping and stirring can be quite relaxing.

What are your ways to relax?  Any tips for me?