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Ahhh Summer. Who doesn’t love laying out, soaking up the rays after that incredibly looooooooooooong winter? Feeling the warmth on bare skin and a soft breeze in your hair (and the occasional WHACK! of mosquitos). Unless of course, you are sun sensitive like me, and laying out in the sun is the very last thing your dermatologist and rheumatologist would recommend.  Sunscreen and I are old buddies, in fact you could say we are the best of friends, since I never spend time in the sun without it.  It isn’t my favorite part of the day but it does keep me from having a deep, glowing sun burn all year long.  I do take Vitamin D all year because of this but I am trying to spend 10-15 minutes per day in the sun without sunscreen when it is practical. I seem to be able to tolerate that short amount of time without my rash acting up.

My sun sense strategies include sunscreen as well as sun protection clothing.  I bought the cutest rashguards from Roxy.com for our winter trip to Mexico and they were comfortable and not as hot as I expected.  I got a the one pictured below, plus a long sleeve with a higher neck.  They shipped to Canada and there are stores that carry Roxy, just none with stock in January close to my house!

WHTBasically Roxy SS Rashguard by Roxy - FRT1

I also wear wide brimmed hats and ball caps when exercising.  I buy mine at Swim Co in Winnipeg, at Polo Park Mall.  I love these hats because they are “packable” – meaning you can squash them into a purse and they pop out looking perfect.  This makes toting a hat easier and more likely to be worn.  Plus they come in cool colours and styles.

Beach Basics Ribbon Hat

The last of my sun sense ideas is the simple stuff – sit in the shade, try to wear sleeves/cover your skin with clothing and don’t be out for long periods of time.  Our summers are so short that I find staying indoors the very hardest.  I’m thinking about having UV film applied to my car windows next to make traveling a little safer for me.

But, at the end of the day, and it is Friday, I just want to throw my head back and sing with the incomparable Sheryl Crow: