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I wish I had a picture to share, but it would be very NSFW and at least R-rated, since my worst rashes, apart from my hands, appear on my chest.  Saturday marked the completion of one month on the Wahls Protocol.  I tried hard to be strict on gluten, dairy and soy.  I tried really hard to stick to the 9 cups of vegetables and fruits daily.  I did not try to limit sugar.  In fact, I ignored that part all together.

I learned to eat Kale, beets, leeks, baby bok choy, brown mushrooms, Bragg’s liquid aminos, kippered herring (which was surprisingly good) and cauliflower “no potato” salad.  I gave up white potatoes in favour of sweet potoates and have eaten 3 different kinds of squash.

I tried coconut milk creamer in my coffee, coconut yogurt and coconut ice cream, all insanely good.  In fact, so good, it is probably illegal in at least one country and surely can’t be part of the “diet”.  I also tried plain coconut milk in my coffee, which I highly recommend.

I’ve had to tote my own snacks, search for GF/CF meat snacks that provide protein and portability.  Grimm’s makes a wonderful honey garlic peperoni stick that requires no refrigeration.  They have a great variety of other meat and deli products that can help you “fit in” in social situations.  The smokies are also yummy and as long as your bbq is clean and you use a clean utensil, your GFCF smokie will be a safe choice at the next BBQ party.

I’ve embraced coconut oil, in cooking, as a beauty product and a massage oil.  I don’t think it does a lick of good on my hands, but it certainly is a good moisturizer.  I’ve even started putting seaweed (dulse flakes) in my cooking.  I’ve tried them in salad, over scrambled eggs and “straight” right out of the jar.  They taste a bit like fish food smells – salty and seaweed-y.  Is that even a word, well, that’s what is tastes like.

And, after all that learning and tasting and experimenting, may I have a drum roll please…………………………………………..


I have clear skin. Not a lot, but my chest is clear. My arms are improving, my hands are not.  I can’t say I sleep better but I feel better.  I’m more alert, even on days that I don’t sleep as much.  I haven’t had a bout of insomnia for 3 weeks, which is a record.  I’ve lost 7 pounds and I haven’t been exercising.  Can you imagine if I actually got a sweat on??

It’s minor success, really.  Nothing that anyone else is likely going to notice.  In fact, I feel like I’m making a big deal out of nothing.  After all, it has only been a month and my progress is slow.  But, I’ve never had progress with the medication, only increasing rashes and exhaustion.  (and mouth sores and low sex drive and insomina)

I’m celebrating today with salmon, sweet potato, asparagus. spinach and strawberries.  (If you’re counting, that’s 1 leafy, 1 sulfur, 1 coloured and 4 oz of fish)