Not long after my last post, my life turned into one giant cycle of stress. Our area experienced massive amounts of flooding which meant I didn’t sleep much (or at home even) and my stress level went to levels exceeding DEFCON 1.  We had similar flooding last year but this was an even larger scale over a longer period of time.  Interestingly enough, while I literally ran around (from one end of our building to the other, up stairs, down stairs…) running the Emergency Control Centre, my skin stayed relatively clear.  I did take my medication as close to normally as possible, and stuck to a modified Wahls Diet, closer to Paleo since leafy greens were a little scarce.  So, I thought I “got lucky” and no ill effects from the disaster.

Oh, but how our bodies can fool us.  Practically the moment I got home, I could feel my skin start to itch and get blotchy.  The more sleep and care I took of myself, the worse it got. My poor back went from almost clear to bright red to almost purple, hot, tight and uncomfortable.  My arms and hands became one giant red blotch.  I even gained a bit of weight!  What was going on?

I resolved to treat myself extremely well.  Epsom salt baths, prescription cream, plenty of sleep and daily walking.  And slowly as life returns to normal at work, so too does my skin.  I’ve been strict on the Wahls Diet, leaning as close to Wahls Paleo as possible.  I struggle to get the recommended protein, fish and organ meats right now but I’m working on it.  I’ve eaten the most delicious steak two nights in a row, even polishing off my husband’s share.  (And, I even lost that mysterious “weight gain”.)

It proves to me how sensitive my body is to stress.  Perhaps it takes a few days to show up, but the stress is going to manifest itself in some way.  There is only so much I can do to keep my levels low, being a wife, mother and full time employee.  Yet, there are things I can do.  Take walks, say “no” to projects that don’t inspire me, find ways to bring joy to my life and others.  These are my strategies.  What are yours?