It’s coming close to two months since I started the Wahls Protocol. I feel like I’m continuing to make progress, though it is slower and more subtle. For instance, I don’t itch anywhere except my scalp, and even that is better. My rashes are lighter, smaller and even fading away in some places. My face is less blotchy and my occasional acne is greatly reduced. (Up until yesterday I would have said gone, but up popped a few red dots overnight!)

I’ve been a little less strict on my 3-3-3 vegetables and fruit, just another symptom of my crazy life these days, but I am trying to keep it in balance. I’m sure I could get more sleep and drink a little less tequilia. But it’s summer and where is the fun in that??

I am wondering if I need to eliminate eggs and potatoes completely. I noticed that after Sunday brunch, I seemed to be redder again. So, is it the egg or the potato? Sundays are the only days I eat both. Honestly, I’d rather it was potato, since I do like eggs. But, the Auto Immune protocol says eggs can be problematic. So, I will need to examine this in the near future.

My continued weight loss has me down a total of 10 pounds and none of my clothes seem to fit right. I’m swimming in most of them and excited to get into the smaller size! I’m wearing clothes that haven’t fit for 2 years and I haven’t been doing much for exercise. Mostly too tired or busy to bother these days, but I know it is really important.

It is supposed to be super hot this weekend, so I expect to be rockin’ the rashguard and spending the day lounging under an umbrella at the pool. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Sigh. At least I can BE outside.