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Two steps forward, two steps back, I feel like I’m dancing the Cha-Cha all around my auto immune disease. I made such great progress all summer. Spent time in the sun, enjoyed the pool, the garden, the kids. Then, on the last nice day in September, I spent a day in the sun and BOOM! Flare of epic proportions. I’m talking pain, heat, redness, sleep interrupting misery.

Luckily, I was off to the rhumetologist the next day & got myself a script for Prednisone. So, now I am taking that in gradually lowering doses, to see if a low dose can keep me rash-less. It worked, my rash cleared right up, even my hands are nearly normal. For me, those are the worst areas.

Then, two weeks ago, I broke my Paleo diet commitment & had a mini-DQ blizzard. Dairy and gluten. It was sooooo good. And, BOOM! back flare. Less horrible, but still itchy and sore. Cleared up through the week. I had a mouthful (swear, that is it) of cake. BOOM! Back flare. Also, my lip swelled up. That will go away with an anti-histamine, but still, it is weird.

OK OK OK. I get it. Perhaps dairy and gluten really are out “for good”. Today is Methotrexate day & stupid me, I’ve been taking it wrong for the last three weeks. Supposed to be divided doses, not all at once. I am really hoping that the combination of Prednisone & Methotrexate will combat the extreme discomfort today.

I’ve been so good about the Wahl’s Protocol, trying to keep my greens in balance, I even started eating liver today. Ok, it was two meatballs, and they are 50/50/50 Meatballs – so not exactly a huge serving. But it was liver and no, I didn’t really like it. (Worse, I have about 3 pounds of it to “get through”) I am determined to have at least 2 servings of these meatballs per week and maybe I will be able to find a way to appreciate it more. I believe Dr. Wahls and her protocol. It has made a HUGE difference. I just wish I could report the disorder in remission.

Maybe another day!