Ok. I know. GFCF and Paleo is not always the easiest row to hoe. Advance preparation is required and despite best intentions, problems arise.

Today is one of those days. I am at a work conference, you know the kind, where you learn as much at lunch as you do in sessions. Except, I’m not AT lunch. At least not with my people. I’m in a restaurant because I’ve run out of prepared safe food. I ate in my room yesterday because the menu choice was lasagna and breadstick. So, no big deal. I had food.

Today’s choice is a clubhouse wrap. Again, not a choice I can make.  I’ve done pretty much everything wrong as far as paleo on the road is concerned.  And you know what, it sucks. And it isn’t fair. And I’m whinning.

I should have contacted the organizer and asked for the menu. I didn’t. I should have called the hotel and asked about a microwave in the room. I didn’t.  I should have insisted that I either get a discounted conference rate (due to not eating the menu) or food that I could eat. And I didn’t.

But, I’m learning.  And you can bet next year, I’ll be able to say ‘I did’ and enjoy a nice meal with my people.