Gluten free and dairy free have really been a godsend in keeping my auto immune disease under control. It’s not perfect and I have been finding myself doing more and more “cheating”. A slice of cheese or a bit of real ice cream (ok, it’s dairy, I miss it) and that messes me up. But I can’t seem to quit treating myself poorly.

Enter the Whole 30. It’s not really giving up a lot more, except sugar and corn. I’m already (supposed to be) gf, cf and mostly paleo. Corn is my downfall these days and I think I need to give my poor body a reset.

Yesterday, I committed to myself that i would start the Whole 30 today. So of course I ended up freaking out and had a day of ‘Eat all the Things”. All I could think about was food, so not healthy.

But I had a little epiphany about 2:00 a.m.  I realized that all my pre-made meals are already paleo. Not all are Whole 30, since ketchup is involved in several. But they are at least paleo. So, if I’m up against a ‘cannot cope one more second’ kind of day, I do have meals to feed the family. I can then choose to either eat with them OR find an alternative. It really is up to me.

My goals for the Whole 30 are:

1.  Survive it. No, I’m serious. I love me a margarita on the weekend.  This no alcohol rule is going to suck

2.  Not have my rash come back. I’m weaning off prednisone right now and will be under 8mg by the end of the month. Usually no pred=bad rash

3.  Improve digestive health. (I’ll spare you the details)

4.  Tame the sugar dragon. Mine rules my life

5.  Lose a dress size. And improve my lifting capacity. I’ve gained 15! pounds since last summer and the last 5 in a month. I don’t care so much about the number, but I’d like to fit a size 4-6. And I want to lift heavier, both in the gym and in life.

So, there you have it. A Day 1 post for the Whole 30. Only 29.75 more to go. Wish me luck!