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QI’m on to Day 3 of my Whole 30 challenge. So far, so good. I suspect I’m still using fruit as a bit of a sugar crutch, but one step at a time. For instance, yesterday I “needed” a sweet something, so I had a handful of grapes. Healthy, sweet and satisfying. I stopped thinking about the very awesome brownies in the freezer. (no, really, I did!)

I did not get the Day 2-3 “Hangover” feeling that the Whole 30 suggests is typical. But, I’ve also been GF for over a year and mostly dairy free too. That may make a real difference. I did expect to have more raving sugar cravings though. Maybe they are still on their way. (I sure hope not!)

I made the Spinach Frittata from the Whole 30 (new book!!) and it was really good.  I thought it needed a touch more salt, so I did add it at the table.  A 1/4 of the recipe was enough for breakfast, though I did find myself longing for lunch today.  So, perhaps next time I will try it with either a sausage patty or some avocado.  I am also bone-tired from refereeing soccer last night, so I’m really watching what goes into my mouth today.  I have a tendency to eat when tired and make poor food choices.

I had a big protein salad on top of broccoli slaw plus more veggies and an apple for lunch.  Supper plans include some chicken and shrimp on top of more vegetables with some diced sweet potato.  I’m trying to incorporate the Wahls Protocol of 3 leafy, 3 coloured and 3 sulphur into my Whole 30.  I am not limiting out nightshades or eggs.

However, if I don’t “see results” from the Whole 30 with Wahls influence, I will look into an egg-free trial at the end of 30 days.  One step at a time.