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I can hardly believe I’ve made it to 1 week on the Whole 30!  I have a wicked cold right now and my poor face is a mess of breakouts. But, I’m staying tough and on plan

I can see that I’m going to be on the timeline of Day 21 – and possibly bored stiff of eating this way. So, I’m scouring the internet for inspiration.

My daily breakfast is 2 homemade sausage patties, 1-2 eggs scrambled with spinach and onion. I try to mix up the lunches, but pretty often enjoy a salad with protein plus more raw vegetables and a fruit to end.

Supper is always a challenge to suit me and the family. Unfortunately that’s meant making two meals a lot this week. We have some great meals in the freezer that they love but weren’t made with me, even before Whole 30, in mind.

So I’ve done 2 nights of stir fried vegetable and shrimp (which the family does. Not   Like) and more protein salads. I’m thinking steak tonight which is everyone’s favourite. And maybe a roast beef for Mother’s Day – shouldn’t I get to enjoy my ‘day’?  If it makes the rest smile, well that’s good too!

I do have to say, eating Whole 30 from Paleo isn’t really that big of a deal. I’ve switched to coconut milk in coffee which is surprisingly good. I’m not eating dessert, which is hopefully helping my body. Otherwise, it’s just a little more restrictive. I hope I am achieving the goal of being ever mindful of my body and nutrition.