It is the morning of day 15 and I am feeling great. I went to bed late and got up early (for a long weekend Sunday) and still feel amazing.

Yesterday I made an 11 pound turkey so we’ll be eating well this week!  I’ve got turkey bone broth simmering away on the stove and am looking forward to adding that to my Whole 30 challenge.

I’m finding it easy to say ‘no’ to off-plan food too. Hubs had popcorn last night and I wasn’t even tempted. Now this was my weakness – corn  – one of the main reasons to try a Whole 30, to give my body a rest from all grains.

I also think I am losing weight. My face seems thinner and my yoga pants aren’t as tight. I had one pair that was starting to be uncomfortable pre-whole 30, now they fit. Yay me!  I’m sure it is the drop of treats that is responsible, something to watch out for once this is done.

My rash is really cleaned up too, so obviously cutting the dairy completely makes a difference. Darn. It seems unfair to get both visible and intestinal damage. At the same time, if vanity keeps me healthy…….

I’m not making any progress on my lifting goals, but I’d have to actually ‘lift’ to make progress.  I did well in week 1 and nothing week 2. I must get back to that.