For Beginners!

Now that we’ve been GFCF for nearly a year, I feel a lot more confident in posting “the basics”. By no means am I an expert on the subject and there are a lot of people much better at this than me. I have learned a lot in a year though.

It seems like the GFCF Kids Yahoo! group is seeing a whole whack of new members again so I thought posting some basics might be in order.

I’m going to focus on one step at a time, like a little “short course” that you can read & refresh yourself on. I’ll suggest sources, products and ideas that can be found in Canada, because there is nothing more frustrating to me than finding a great idea that doesn’t ship to Canada. After all, the focus of the blog is doing things “Canadian Style”.

Part 1 :  Making the Decision to Start

Part 2:  Starting GFCF

Part 3:  GFCF the Easy Way

Part 4: Let’s Go Shopping!

Part 5: Packaged GFCF Foods

Part 6:  Gluten Free Flour Blends

Part 7:  Mom, I’m Hungry (Emergency snack ideas)

Part 8:  GFCF on a (Tight) Budget
Hidden Casein Sources

Hidden Gluten Sources


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